Computers for Girls (C4G) Background

Computers for Girls (C4G) Background

Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Throughout the world, education remains a key component for creating a better future. Nowhere are the hurdles more apparent than in the developing world – especially in rural areas - where there are few adequate schools, often overcrowded, with limited resources. Gender gaps in education are real: Girls face greater hurdles than boys in getting an education and are more likely to leave school long before boys.

There are also a variety of cultural reasons why fewer girls receive STEM education. Women and girls may not have access to education, computers and the internet. Home and family obligations, lack of transportation, low-literacy and cultural norms discourage - if not deny - access. Focusing on organizations and schools that specifically support girls education is one way to overcome these barriers.

We know that educated girls become educated women who have the skills, knowledge and opportunities to improve their lives and their communities.  Yet this can only happen if the digital divide is bridged first.

By partnering with organizations and schools that support girls' education, WCE helps improve the chances for girls to get a 21st century education -- essential for alleviating poverty, and breaking down the social and political barriers that exclude them from fully participating in the future of their country.

Country Selection Criteria: 4 pilot countries

  • Commitment of the iEARN Country Coordinator
  • WCE has Strategic Allies operating 
  • WCE has at least 30 Partner organizations or groups that have expressed interest
  • Safe and healthy for our eCorps volunteers
  • WCE plans to have a Field Associate and a WCE Chapter
  • WCE has shipped computers to this country before
  • Government allows importation of refurbished used computers
  • WCE has relationship with a university and gender resource group

Pilot School Selection Criteria: 2 per pilot country

  • Has computers and an internet connection
  • Has prior experience participating in iEARN global student learning projects
  • Has a strong interest in increasing girl access to computers and STEM education
  • Is committed to helping to co-develop the WCE C4G Tools

Our Experience

Equipping schools with computers and training teachers in how to use the Internet to improve learning via experiential, interactive, multi-country projects delivers real and sustainable results. Working in unison with schools, libraries, and Partner organizations ensures that girls have access to the opportunities, skills and understanding of the internet .

The potential of giving access to computers and internet technologies to engage and motivate – especially when tied to education - is limitless: Children can learn new skills, teachers can design new and previously unimaginable curricula and the broader community has a resource for their socioeconomic development.

Until our 8 C4G Tools are developed, WCE will continue to provide at cost the following services to any interested group.  As Tools related to STEM and girl empowerment content, capacity builiding and training are developed, we will add them to our WCE services and orient our volunteer Development Officers to be able to provide them to our Partner organizations.

  • Leadership and organization building for 5 WCE girl-focused Partner organizations so that they will be stronger organizations and advocates for girls' education
  • 250 refurbished computers installed in internet labs in as many as 15 schools loaded with a small digital library of content which needs no internet connection
  • 7,000 students, particularly girls, connected to the opportunities, skills and understanding of the Internet
  • 30 technology teachers trained in a two-day iEARN workshop in how to use the internet to improve learning via experiential, interactive, multi-country projects
  • 3 volunteer eCorps tech professionals who spend 2 weeks visiting the participating schools in a country providing training and technology troubleshooting support

A Sustainable Approach

Community commitment is fundamental to WCE’s philosophy. Our capacity-building model combines trust, due diligence, cooperation and co-investment to ensure long-term sustainability. Our Partners (see Glossary)  initiate the request, then develop implementation plans which address everything from cooperating with other local groups, to raising funds, as well as maintaining the computers, Internet access, security and more.

WCE gratefully acknowledges Regina Ryan for her founding vision of Computers for Girls. WCE began implementing the C4G initiative in 2012 in Zimbabwe, Liberia, Zambia and Ghana with computers, content, capacity building and training. Since then we have expanded to schools in Mali, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania.  We plan to expand into Pakistan and Puerto Rico during 2015.

Our initiative so far gets the schools ready with the hardware - but they need a kit of C4G tools.  WCE is seeking funds to work with eight African schools to co-develop, field test and then disseminate 8 TOOLS to help any teacher, parent or school that wants to increase girl access to computers and the internet.  Our goal is to have these tools help 1 million girls within 5 years.

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