Gear We Can Use

Gear We Can Use

  • Pentium 4 desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • 16 gas generators for schools
  • 20 web cams for school computer labs
  • Dozens of modules of RAM 128  Megs and above
  • Dozens of 20 gig Hard Drives
  • TV and/or radio transmitter for a university in Kenya
  • Working keyboards, mice, cables, and power cords
  • French keyboards
  • Spanish keyboards
  • Network gear: working network switches, routers, and hubs, EtherNet cards and cable
  • Peripherals: working scanners with cables, digital cameras, digital microscopes, CD ROMs, external modems, zip and jazz drives, working UPSes (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Printers: working dot matrix, laser, and inkjet printers with their cartridges and cables taped to them
  • Software: educational, non-violent, appropriate
  • Parts: Working internal modems, working extra hard drives, working CD ROM drives
  • Mini Van (for equipment pickup)
  • Cell phones
  • LCD projectors

Non-qualifying Equipment: If you have a computer or equipment that is not on our ‘needs’ list and cannot find another home for it, please dispose of it properly rather than place it in the trash. Many municipalities now have recycling programs for old equipment that recovers valuable metals keeps the many toxic metals and other parts out of landfills. There is often a small charge for proper disposal. Contact your local recycling coordinator or Department of Public Works for more information.

Donated Computers

Working Pentium 4  We ibky accept working Pentium 4 desktop & laptop computers. This also includes AMD and Celeron computers that are at least 450 MHz. We are also happy to receive your One Laptop Per Child laptops!  Don't know how to tell what level computer yours is? See the section below on how to find out.

Macs: We only accept working G4 LAPTOPS only and only at 936 Nantasket Ave, Hull, Mass. 02045 USA.

Monitors: We only accept working LCD and CRT 15"-19" color monitors that are less than 9 years old and have a built in auto switch for the voltage (these will say something like "Power: 110/220 volts" on the back of the monitor). (All monitors now have this except for one brand of NEC monitors.)  If we pick these up without an equal number of working computers - we need to request a donation of $10 per monitor.

How to tell if your computer is a Pentium 4

Usually there is a small sticker on the right front toward the bottom of the face of your computer that says "Pentium 4".