WCE Board Agenda

   Tuesday 13 December 2016   2:15 PM (Boston-time):  90th Board meeting 

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New Horizon invests in WCE


Become a Partner

Become a Partner

5th Graders Ready to Learn

Find out how your organisation can
get computers

Disque Deane quote

"We take computers and access to the Internet for granted". Giving youth access to computers and Internet technologies - especially when tied to education - offers unlimited promise. Supporting Computers for Girls is our way to help open new opportunities for them that, until now,  they may have only dreamed of.”

- Disque Deane

Our Impact

3,309 computer labs installed

4.67 million youth connected

Computers shipped to 46 developing countries

Our computers now include 35 gigs of educational content


$2,500 helps connect 2,500 youth to the Internet


$1,000 educates 1,000 girls

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